Chinese School

The ACCCN Chinese School offers Chinese classes to children and adults. If your child is age 5 or above and are interested in learning Chinese, you are welcome to join us. Classes are held every Sunday from 1:15pm to 3pm. All of the teachers are volunteers and are eager to pass their knowledge of the Chinese language and culture not only to the next generation of Asian children, but also whomever is interested in learning.

We currently have three types of classes, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Conversational Chinese classes. The Conversational class emphasizes speaking and listening comprehension. Once the student is comfortable with conversational Chinese, they have the option of transferring to the Traditional or Simplified classes in order to learn advanced speaking/listening skills in addition to reading and writing skills. Once the student enters the Traditional or Simplified classes, they will begin learning Chinese characters and grammar and will further polish their speaking and comprehension abilities. We use the textbooks that, with practice, will enable the student to converse fluently with native speakers. There are 12 levels of textbooks available. For questions or more information about the Chinese School call 770-667-9593.

2009-2010 Chinese School Calendar

Date Event
08/09/09 First Day of School; Opening Ceremony & PTA Conference
09/06/09 Labor Day Holiday
09/20/09 1st Midterm Test
10/25/09 2nd Midterm Test
11/29/09 Thanksgiving - no classes
12/13/09 Final Examination, Presentation, End of 1st Semester
12/20/09 -
Winter Break
01/10/10 First Day of 2nd Semester
02/07/10 1st Midterm, Chinese New Year Activity
02/14/10 Chinese New Year Activity
03/28/10 2nd Midterm, Chinese Culture Knowledge Competition
04/04/10 Spring Break & Gospel Camp
05/09/10 Final Examination
05/16/10 Closing ceremony; awards; report card; summer review-work
Last day of 2nd Semester