The Atlanta Chinese Christian Church North (ACCCN) seeks to glorify God and build the body of Christ through worship, fellowship and edification; through evangelizing and serving, primarily in the Chinese community in the Greater Atlanta area; and through outreach and missions to the whole world.

Our Vision:

  • Make Mature Individual
  • Build Strong Family
  • Impact Community

亚特兰大华人基督教会北堂的使命主要是向大亚特兰大地区的华人传福音, 提供服务; 藉崇拜﹑团契和教导, 建立基督的身体; 同时参与普世宣教, 以达到荣耀神的目的。


  • 培育成熟信徒
  • 建造稳固的家
  • 造福邻舍万民