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From the Editor (2022.12)

The theme of our ACCCN in 2022 is “Love God, Love Family, Love Church.” God is love, and there is no fear in His perfect love. While the epidemic situation is changing irregularly, the number of participants attending Sunday worship is increasing, and the in-person fellowship meetings are gradually resuming. Not only do old friends return to the church one after another, which makes people grateful, but also new friends come from afar every week. What a joy!

In “The Voice of Our Shepherds,” Minister Dongjian Guo called to mind chicken soup for the soul and told us that, according to the Bible, “Life can be restarted,” because people can be born again. “I hope we Christians don’t just say ‘I have been born again ,’ but live a regenerated life!”

In “Missions Without Borders,” Sister Cindy from ACCC expressed her gratitude for “Cross-Cultural Atlanta At-Home Mission” and encouraged brothers and sisters to “seize the opportunity” to care for refugees, pray faithfully, and actively participate in Muslim missions across churches. Coincidentally, Roger Lam, a missionary, shared the blessing of peace and his personal experience of Muslim missions: “How do Muslims become followers of Jesus?” It’s because they see God’s love in three ways: reading the Bible at home and being inspired by the Holy Spirit, knowing Christ in business as mission, and (the most influential and difficult way) seeing Christians live out the love of Christ and influence others with their lives.

In “A Life in Christ,” the article “Flying Melody, Let Praise Fly” reported by the ACCCN Choir reviewed the music crusade “Rebirth, Salvation, Hope” of the joint choir on October 1, which showed that people testify and share because of love, preach and call to spread love, and give a message and outlook that contain love. At the same time, the brothers and sisters of ACCCN increased their love through the knowledge and experience of knowing God. Some of them thought deeply about “Why did Jesus perform miracles?” And others read the Bible and the life of Christ with joy and participate in Sunday school enthusiastically. They also practice the truth together and follow “Gospel Living with One Another,” to reduce conflict, accept each other, and forgive each other.

In “Thanksgiving Testimony,” six brothers and sisters who were recently baptized told different stories of Grace but thanked and praised the same Lord. 

May we live a reborn life because of the Love of the Cross, and “Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness, Live out Christ” in 2023!